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《The Alchemist》阅读摘录(2)

本文同步自(如浏览不正常请点击跳转): 1、朝圣 - 水晶店主的梦想: “Two days ago, you said that I had never dreamed of travel,” the merchant answered. “The fifth obligation of every Muslim is a pilgrimage. We are obliged, at least once in our lives, to visit the holy city of Mecca.” “Mecca is a lot farther away than the Pyramids. When I was young, all I wanted to do was put together enough money to start this shop. I thought that someday I’d be rich, and could go to Mecca. began to make some money, but I could never bring myself to leave someone in charge of the shop; the crystals are delicate things. At the same time, people were passing my shop all the time, heading for Mecca. Some of them were rich pilgrims, traveling in caravans with servants and camels, but most of the people making the pilgrimage were poorer than I.” “All who went there were happy at having done so. They placed the symbols of the pilgrimage on the doors of their houses. One of them, a cobbler who made his living mending boots, said that he had traveled for almost a year through the desert, but that he got more tired when he had to walk through the streets of Tangier buying his leather.” “Well, why don’t you go to Mecca now?” asked the boy. “Because it’s the thought of Mecca that keeps me alive. That’s what helps me face these days that are all the same, these mute crystals on the shelves, and lunch and dinner at that same horrible café. I’m afraid that if my dream is realized, I’ll have no reason to go on living.” “You dream about your sheep and the Pyramids, but you’re different from me, because you want to realize your dreams. I just want to […]

《The Alchemist》阅读摘录(1)

本文同步自(如浏览不正常请点击跳转): 1、有关旅行 - Santiago 和其父亲的谈话: “People from all over the world have passed through this village, son,” said his father. “They come in search of new things, but when they leave they are basically the same people they were when they arrived. They climb the mountain to see the castle, and they wind up thinking that the past was better than what we have now. They have blond hair, or dark skin, but basically they’re the same as the people who live right here.” “But I’d like to see the castles in the towns where they live,” the boy explained. “Those people, when they see our land, say that they would like to live here forever,” his father continued. “Well, I’d like to see their land, and see how they live,” said his son. “The people who come here have a lot of money to spend, so they can afford to travel,” his father said. “Amongst us, the only ones who travel are the shepherds.”"Well, then I’ll be a shepherd!”His father said no more. The next day, he gave his son a pouch that held three ancient Spanish goldcoins. “I found these one day in the fields. I wanted them to be a part of your inheritance. But use them to buy your flock. Take to the fields, and someday you’ll learn that our countryside is the best, and ourwomen the most beautiful.” 2、有关梦 - 吉普赛女巫为 Santiago 解梦: “And the dreams are the language of God. When he speaks in our language, I can interpret what he has said. But if he speaks in the language of the soul, it is only you who can  understand. But, whichever it is, I’m going to charge you for the consultation.” 3、有关朋友 - Santiago 的感悟: If someone isn’t what others want them to […]