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春节前一段时间被某位网友推荐了「与神对话」这套听起来带着浓郁宗教色彩的书籍,了解之后就买了电子版,春节前后十几天断断续续先看完了第一卷也就是 李继宏 翻译的「与神对话-神就是你自己」。 「与神对话」本身不属于任何传统宗教,但书籍作者 Neale Donald Walsch(尼尔·唐纳德·沃尔什)看起来却是综合各宗教之所长提出自己完整的一套思想体系,相比其它宗教书籍的优点就是以通俗的语言给读者提供了全新的世界观和人生观。 本套书籍的第一卷「与神对话-神就是你自己」主要还是帮助读者处理个人生活等人生观问题,虽然网上也有很多人对本书的翻译者李继宏颇有微词印象很不好,但整本小册子本身读下来还是有些感触 […]

《The Alchemist》阅读摘录(2)

本文同步自(如浏览不正常请点击跳转): 1、朝圣 - 水晶店主的梦想: “Two days ago, you said that I had never dreamed of travel,” the merchant answered. “The fifth obligation of every Muslim is a pilgrimage. We are obliged, at least once in our lives, to visit the holy city of Mecc […]

《The Alchemist》阅读摘录(1)

本文同步自(如浏览不正常请点击跳转): 1、有关旅行 - Santiago 和其父亲的谈话: “People from all over the world have passed through this village, son,” said his father. “They come in search of new things, but when they leave they are basically the same people they were when they ar […]